Best Security App – Best Security App. Today’s securities management has become even easier with the presence of various kinds of applications on Android smartphones.

In the business world, securities are defined as financial instruments with multiple values ​​that reflect the ownership of an asset by an individual or a business entity. Another term for securities is securities.

The securities will first be offered to investors before offering returns. If interested, potential investors can directly enter the securities market or contact securities companies to buy directly.

Well below we will present to you a selection of the best and best securities applications on Android phones. Please see the full review and explanation below.

Best Good Securities Application on Android Phone

Here are some recommendations and choices of the best securities applications, which are good, and trusted because they are officially under the auspices of the OJK. Please see the recommendations below.

1. RHB Sekuritas

RHB Sekuritas has been operating since 1990 and is currently part of the RHB Banking Group in Malaysia. RHB Sekuritas basically has a fairly large adjusted net working capital (MKBD).

So that this securities application provides its own credibility compared to other securities companies. Some of the products offered by RHB Sekuritas include equity sales and securities brokerage.

There are also fixed income, investment banking and investment research services. The advantages of RHB Sekuritas include a low initial registration deposit starting from IDR 100,000, the availability of customer money accounts at several major banks.

2. NH Korindo Sekuritas

NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia is a securities company that has been established and serving since 2008. This best and most trusted securities has a parent company from South Korea, NH Investment & Securities.

Some of the services provided by NH Korindo include online trading, fixed income, investment banking, wealth management, and research services. This service is certainly very helpful for its customers.

To create a securities account at NH Korindo which can be done online, the initial deposit required is IDR 1,000,000. Currently, online registration for NH Korindo Sekuritas is only available for BCA Bank.

3. Phillip Securities

This Phillip Securities company has been operating in Indonesia since 1994 and is part of PhillipCapital’s global network, which spans 16 countries. Phillip Securities offers everything to its customers.

Starting from buying and selling stocks and mutual funds to bonds. Based on stock exchange records, Phillip Sekuritas’ net working capital (MKBD) currently reaches Rp 179 billion. The services provided by Phillip Securities are always maximal.

Currently, Phillip Sekuritas also provides online transaction services through its system, POEMS (Phillip’s Online Electronic Mart System). This online system was named the Best Online Deal of 2015.

4. Mandiri Sekuritas

The next securities company is Mandiri Sekuritas, which is part of the parent company, Bank Mandiri. Founded in 2000, this best securities company has more than 40 service offices in various regions.

Mandiri Sekuritas provides various services such as securities brokerage and securities underwriting. One of the advantages of Mandiri Sekuritas services is the availability of online trading facilities that can be accessed through the MOST application.

Currently, prospective clients are facilitated through an online registration system with an affordable initial deposit. In addition, if you use Mandiri Sekuritas, the transaction fees charged by Mandiri Sekuritas are also competitive.

5. Mirae Asset Sekuritas

Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia is the best securities company since its establishment in 1994. In 2018, the securities company was named the best securities company in Indonesia today.

Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia offers a variety of securities products and services for individuals and businesses. Some of these products and services include buying and selling of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, business planning.

There is also research to help with the acquisition or merger process, and initial listing of shares. Some of Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia’s advantages include the availability of an online trading application, and no monthly fees.

6. Indo Premier Sekuritas

Another best securities company, Indo Premier Sekuritas, has been operating since 1996. Indo Premier Sekuritas is a private securities company that provides securities trading activities in Indonesia.

Especially for individuals and companies. Bond trading activity reached Rp 10 trillion in early 2019. This made Indo Premier the first securities company in the competition for the national bond market.

This PD-coded company offers a wide range of products and services, including equity trading investments, mutual funds, corporate investment banking, financial planning, equity trading and trading, and fixed income company sales and trading.

7. BNI Sekuritas

One of the subsidiaries of PT Bank Negara Indonesia, BNI Sekuritas, has been operating in Indonesia since 1995. Some of the services licensed by the OJK include securities trading and mutual funds, as well as securities underwriting services.

Some of the advantages of BNI Sekuritas include a good reputation, the availability of sharia and conventional products, an affordable initial deposit (starting from Rp. 1,000,000.00), the availability of maximum online trading facilities.

In addition, BNI Sekuritas also offers competitive buying and selling fees. Currently the cost of buying and selling securities at BNI Sekuritas is 0.27% of the selling fee and 0.17% of the purchase fee through online services.

The final word

That’s a little review from us about the best securities applications on Android that you can use. So, with this article, it is hoped that you will know what are the Android security apk recommendations.

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