Best Online Shopping App – Best Online Shopping App. Online shopping is becoming an activity that is increasingly becoming a routine activity for Indonesian people at this time, especially because of the pandemic.

The government requires the public to reduce outdoor activities, prohibit crowds, and the like. This makes people inevitably use online shopping applications to shop.

Fortunately, before the pandemic, these kinds of applications were widely available for free. They even come with various attractive offers, such as promos, discounts, free shipping, and others.

But maybe you are wondering what are the best online shopping apps that are recommended for you? Let’s take a look at the list of the best online shopping applications available on Android phones.

Recommended Best Online Shopping Applications on Android Phones

Immediately, here are a number of recommendations for the best online shopping applications on Android phones and we can use them together. Please see the list of recommendations below.

1. Shopee

It can be said that the best online shopping application language at this time is Shopee. Initially, Shopee focused on selling various women’s needs, such as cosmetics, skin care products, to meeting fashion needs.

But now, Shopee application users can find all kinds of needs in this application. This Shopee online shop application even has ShopeeFood services as a food delivery service from its application platform.

In this application there is also a chat feature that facilitates real-time communication between sellers and buyers. Since it is one of the biggest online shopping apps, you can search for anything you need here.

2. Tokopedia

Next is an application that is familiar to our ears, and of course many people use this application for online shopping at any time. As the name implies, the application is called Tokopedia.

Tokopedia is known as one of the online shopping applications that often offers cashback, promos, discounts, and various free shipping. Besides paying securely, Tokopedia makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for here.

Tracking orders transacted on the Tokopedia application is also not difficult. This option is very reliable for buying very expensive items such as electronics, and the payment methods are also very diverse at Tokopedia.

3. Lazada

Other best applications for online shopping come from abroad, but have been operating in Indonesia for a long time. Lazada is the app in question, and its head office is currently in Singapore.

Lazada is more selective in choosing sellers or sellers who can sell there. So, the quality of the products or goods sold in Lazada is guaranteed to be very good and original.

This application even won the Best Online Store Application category at the 2015 Indonesia Mobile Awards. In addition to a secure payment method, there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


The online store sells various kinds of necessities, electronics, gadgets, handicrafts, and others. In addition, also carries the slogan “Guaranteed Ori”, which means that the product quality of this application is very reliable.

Even the most complete are electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, smart devices, televisions, and audio. Also, there are many payment methods for orders placed on the application.

The price offered also applies to various payment methods such as COD, CSOD, online payments and bank transfers. If you need a lot of money before buying electronics, just apply for an online loan at Smart Credit.

5. was originally an online buying and selling site, but now this application is also available on iOS and Android. The application can be found easily and downloaded for free through the Play Store on Android or the iPhone App Store.

Various attractive promotions for various product categories are offered every day by the application and website. also provides a guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase.

You can also find lots of products, goods, and various sales categories on the application. The payment and delivery methods offered are also very complete with many free shipping options.

The final word

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