Best Notes App – Best Notes App. Maybe on some cellphones there is already a feature of making notes and saving them, but sometimes humans are still not satisfied with the default note feature.

Also on the Play Store, if we see there are lots of note applications that are provided for free. Even when we look, the number of downloads very much surpasses some of the other existing applications.

What does it mean? That these applications are needed and offer features that are not present in the default application. Of course, these features help make us take better notes.

Here we will also explain to you some of the best note application options that can be used. We will provide you with a selection of the applications directly below.

The Best Note Apps on Android Phones

Please just take a look at our explanation of the best note-taking application that we will recommend. Please see some of the application options directly below.

1. Material Notes

Material Notes being the first best note app we recommend to you for Android users. Don’t want anyone to see and read all your notes? You can lock it by providing a 4-digit number in the note.

The app that locks and provides privacy is called Material Notes. Not too different from the previous application, Material Notes also provides a different color for each note you write.

Even Material Notes users can choose the font shape they want and customize it to their liking. You can use the Material Notes application for free by first downloading it on the Play Store.

2. LectureNotes

No need to worry about spending your internet data plan because this LectureNotes application is an offline application. This LectureNotes application can be said to be a useful application for students and students in Indonesia.

Unlike previous applications, LectureNotes is presented like a book. You can write notes without having to use a rather large notebook in your bag. Of course, making the features of this application more complete.

Once you feel ready to take notes, users of the LectureNotes app can export the file to PDF format. Very simple and practical. Want to use it? Just click here and download the app directly.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is widely known as the best note-taking application. This application has been downloaded and used by more than 600,000 Android users on the PlayStore. This app was created by Google as Google Keep.

Google Keep supports launching apps that make it easy to write important things on your phone, Google Keep comes with an easy note-taking feature, along with list sheets, and can embed photos into notes.

You can also attach colors and labels to differentiate one note from another important note. Plus, using Google Keep you can later embed locations more easily into your notes.

4. FiiNote

FiiNote is another application that you can try. Uniquely, you can not only type on the Android smartphone keyboard, but also write notes on the Android screen. This FiiNote app also brings unusual colors.

If ordinary note and memo applications only display ordinary colors on the background, the colors provided by FiiNote have a more unique effect. You can write a different color for each letter of the note.

In addition to relying on the color function, FiiNote also supports recording functions, and you can also leave notes in the form of voice messages. Ready to jot down the important stuff with FiiNote? Download directly from the Play Store only.

5. FairNote Notepad

Executed by a developer named Tarique, the FairNote Notepad application relies on the superiority of the presence of color in every note used. The color provided will make it easier for users to distinguish the notes made.

FairNote Notepad users can also set reminders or set notes to remind you of important things to do. In fact, the Share feature in FairNote Notepad is also installed in the FairNote Notepad application.

The FairNote Notepad application has also become a very trusted application when viewed from the positive reviews given by users. FairNote Notepad can also be used for free without the need to spend anything.

6. Evernote

Evernote app users can stay organized without having to carry a notebook. Using only Android-based phone technology, this note-taking and memo app can help you keep track of your important things.

Specifically the ones you need to complete today, tomorrow and more. The Evernote app comes with the ability to write notes in text format. However, you can leave notes in the form of sketches, photos, audio, and videos.

Users of the Evernote app can even create notes that can be attached to Microsoft Office and PDFs. Additionally, Evernote app users will be able to share notes directly to contacts on your phone.

7. ColorNote

ColorNote can be used to create shopping lists, manage schedules with notes on your Android smartphone, and of course you can use this note and memo application. ColorNote helps you jot down the important stuff.

Not only good at making memos, even ColorNote can help users write notes with colorful note backgrounds. The presence of color is great for taking notes, not to mention reminding you.

Another feature that ColorNote provides is that you can take notes directly on the calendar, just like pasting notes on a regular calendar. The difference is, you can only use a smartphone to fix it.

The final word

Thus info from us about the best android note application that you can use for free. Hopefully you are no longer confused about installing and downloading the apk to make notes or notes on which Android.

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