Battery Saver App – Battery Saver App. If you are the type of person who often uses your cellphone outdoors, then you should try to conserve battery life as much as possible.

The reason is that it is not possible to charge the cellphone outside the room. Even if you bring a power bank, the capacity is limited and can run out at any time, especially if the power in the power bank is smaller than our battery capacity.

One of the best ways to save Android battery is to avoid using apps that speed up Android games. In addition, we can also use free battery saver applications available on the Play Store.

These applications support the Android phone operating system. So, all brands of cellphones can install and use it. Including for Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Redmi, Lenovo, Asus, and others.

List of Battery Saver Apps on Android Phones

Below is a recommended list of applications to save Android phone battery and fast charging at the same time. Check out the full information in the reviews and explanations below.

1. Greenify

Available free on Android and iOS, the Greenify battery saver app has over 50 million installs. It’s a fact that the Greenify app can really save your battery when it’s driven to the max.

Greenify is a smart app that hibernates background apps passively and unusually. Thus, this battery saver app prevents other background apps from using battery.

This makes your cellphone work lighter and the battery can last longer. Greenify can be said to be currently one of the best apks for saving smartphone battery.

2. Battery Optimizer & Widget

Battery Optimizer & Widget created by developer Linus Technology. This app improves smartphone performance by disabling background apps and freeing up memory and storage.

Live statistics generated by this app help you disable battery draining apps and make necessary adjustments. This app scans external storage and detects blurry images and duplicate photos to maximize space.

Battery Optimizer & Widget application provides Internet data plan manager and provides data usage on screen. Apart from that Battery Optimizer & Widget also generates residual data and helps take necessary steps.

3. Battery Doctor

This power saver app supports more than 28 languages ​​and comes with a user-friendly interface. This application was developed for Android and iOS and is one of the best and lightest battery saver apk recommendations for now.

Battery Doctor can be downloaded for free on both platforms. You can also optimize battery power by stopping battery draining apps with the touch of a finger.

Battery Doctor app lets you monitor battery status by app type. Other features of this simple app include various power saving modes, precise battery timing, brightness control, and stopping running apps when the screen is off.

4. DU battery Saver

DU Battery Saver has proven to be trusted by more than 400 million users. This app is a free battery saver developed for Android and iOS platforms, and many have entrusted their smartphones to DU battery Saver.

DU battery Saver automatically detects the cause of battery drain and fixes the problem. You can also open Advanced mode to make this app have better performance.

DU Battery Saver app has a phone cooling option which kills inactive CPU consuming apps. The on-screen “Kill Task” widget lets you optimize battery usage by controlling Wi-Fi, brightness, volume, and data with a single tap.

5. GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is another popular battery saving app which was developed and can be used for free without root. You don’t have to do anything to save your own battery life, just install GSam Battery Monitor and let the app run its course.

However, you can provide information about apps that are draining your battery. You can use that information to improve your own battery life. It can display details like wakelocks, wake time, CPU, and even sensor data.

Additionally, you can use ADB commands to give GSam Battery Monitor access to more detailed app usage statistics and other limitations. There is an optional root option if you are using a rooted phone.

6. Naptime

Naptime is a battery saving app developed by Francisco Franco, Serviceley developer. NapTime helps save battery by making the native DOS mode on Android smartphones more aggressive.

Apart from that this app also works while disabling sync and other things when the phone is in DOS mode. It’s a light touch, which actually uses the indicated system to save battery life.

Naptime is mostly for rooted devices. However, the developer has a quick tutorial on how to run it on non-rooted Android devices. This is definitely a user friendly app and not too difficult to do.

7. Avast Battery Saver

Battery saver apps now offer one main button to turn apps on or off. One of them is applied to Avast Battery Saver, making it easier for users to operate it.

The smart and intelligent technology in this application is able to calculate and display the remaining battery life. In addition, Avast Battery Saver will also suggest an action if there is something that needs to be optimized.

If you don’t want to make manual adjustments, you can choose from pre-set battery saving profiles. Avast, also known as an antivirus app brand, is once again proving its mettle with this amazing battery saver app.

8. 360 Battery saver Plus

This 360 Battery saver Plus app works 24 hours a day and provides 24-hour battery consumption reports to optimize smartphone battery. Power saving mode analyzes running and inactive apps.

Apart from that 360 Battery saver Plus will also notify you about battery draining apps. The best feature of this battery saver application is that it can speed up battery charging.

360 Battery saver Plus can track battery draining apps that start automatically when the smartphone is on and delete them to prevent battery drain. This application reminds you of the exact time when the smartphone reaches the maximum temperature limit.

9. Accu Battery

Accu Battery offers both free and paid versions. The free version allows you to monitor battery health with a charging alarm feature that helps extend the battery life of your smartphone.

Unlike other apps, the Accu Battery app can measure battery capacity in real time (in mAh). Other useful features include instant display of “Remaining charge time” and “Remaining usage time”.

Meanwhile, the pro or paid versions come without annoying ads. The premium version of Accu Battery provides detailed battery statistics, and offers more themes and live CPU usage overlays.

The final word

Maybe it’s enough to first explain from us about the list of android battery saver applications. Hopefully after using the application, the cellphone on our Android smartphone can become more efficient.

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