Banjarese Translate App – Banjarese Translate app. One of the regional languages that is widely used by the Indonesian people is the Banjar language. This language itself is widely used by the people of South Kalimantan.

When we visit the area, there are still many people who can only speak Banjarese and are not proficient in Indonesian. For this reason, the existence of a Banjar-Indonesian translation application is an important requirement.

On Android phones there are lots of translation applications from Banjarese to Indonesian or vice versa. These applications can also be accessed online or offline if you have downloaded the translated vocabulary database.

So it can be said that in addition to saving Android battery applications, you need to install this Banjar language translation application on each cellphone. For the application, below we recommend it for you.

List of Banjar Language Translate Applications on Android Phones

Without further ado, let’s just look at the discussion and explanation of the Banjar language translation application on the best Android phone. Check out all the complete information below.

1. Kamus Bahasa Banjar Offline

The Offline Banjar Language Dictionary application provides a feature to translate words and terms in Banjarese to Indonesian and vice versa. This application can be had for free by downloading via the Play Store.

If you find it difficult to find the meaning of a term in Banjarese, you can also try this application offline. There are tens of thousands of words in the Banjar language and their meanings and they are being reproduced.

The main features in this application are:

  • Full Offline, all vocabulary data is stored offline and does not need an internet connection
  • There are tens of thousands of terms in the Banjar language that keep updating
  • Search (Search) terms or words in the Banjarese language
  • Bookmark your favorite terms or words in Banjarese
  • Interesting question and answer quiz to practice understanding of Banjarese terms
  • Can add terms in Banjarese that are not yet in this application
  • More than 10 choices of attractive color themes

The developer hopes that this offline Banjarese dictionary application can be useful for learning Indonesian people.

2. Kamus Bahasa Banjar (KaBanjar)

Applications Banjar Language Dictionary to Indonesian and vice versa, another recommendation is the Banjar Language Dictionary (KaBanjar). This application is perfect for those who want to learn the Banjarese language.

This application is very useful for anyone who wants to visit South Kalimantan and its surroundings. So that when you arrive at the location, it will be easier for you to communicate and adapt to the community.

Vocabulary will always be updated in each release. You can download this application in the free version available on the Play Store, its size is also very light so it doesn’t burden RAM.

3. Kamus Banjar Indonesia

The Indonesian Banjar Dictionary is the most comprehensive Banjarese dictionary available for free on the Android platform. Banjar to Indonesian translation or Indonesian to Banjarese can be done easily.

You can learn word for word or vocabulary in Banjarese online. Not only that, the developer of the Indonesian Banjar Dictionary also provides examples that are often used in the Banjar language and their meanings.

This Banjarese dictionary can be your reference in learning Banjarese as well as translating into Indonesian. The developer also invites us to both preserve Banjar culture by continuing to learn and know the Banjar language.

4. Kamus dan Ungkapan Bahasa Banjar

The Banjarese Dictionary and Phrases are another recommendation for translating Banjarese to Indonesian or vice versa. This application is quite easy to use because the navigation is not complicated.

Through this Banjarese Dictionary and Phrases application, users are expected to increase their interest in learning the Banjarese language. As it is known that culture must continue to be preserved, including one of them is by preserving the Banjar language.

Vocabulary and dictionary data in this application will continue to grow and develop. In addition, the developer also provides facilities if you want to participate in contributing vocabulary in this application.

5. Translate Bahasa Banjar Online

The Banjar Online Translate app is a little different compared to the other apps on this list. Because in this application you cannot translate Indonesian to Banjarese.

The translate feature owned by Translate online Banjar language is not as complete as the previous Banjar language dictionary. However, this application has advantages that other applications do not have.

Because this application is equipped with a question and answer quiz about the Banjar language. With this quiz mode, you can learn Banjarese very easily and quickly apart from just reading a dictionary and learning vocabulary.

The final word

Maybe it’s enough for us to explain first about the list of android banjar language translation applications. Hopefully the information we have conveyed can be useful, especially for those who want to translate the Banjarese language.

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