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Stornowaybc.com – Avatar App. Avatar is a term to describe a profile photo that is usually installed by social media users on applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so on.

Avatars have dimensions of 1×1 aka square, and the avatar photo as a profile picture is often modified so that the results are attractive as expected by the owner of the social media. Like making it an anime, cartoon, or lego.

To create an avatar, of course there are many ways, you can use the cellphone camera directly by taking a selfie. In addition there are also special applications that can be used to make the image more interesting.

No different from the application to calculate the fertile period, on Android there are many choices of applications to create a good, cool, funny, and best avatar. This application can be used offline or online.

List of Best Android Avatar Apps

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best avatar applications on Android phones. You can choose one of the applications below to create cute avatar characters for free anytime and anywhere.

1. Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat

Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat is one of the best 3D avatar creation apps available on the Play Store. This application allows us to create different characters while playing multiple games.

This free avatar creation app is also used to communicate with your loved ones. Because Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat can send secret messages and letters to people just like a chat application.

Parents of children should be aware of the fact that this app can also be used to communicate with strangers. Sometimes this can lead to cybercrime as well as cyberbullying.

2. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is one of the best character building apps available on the Play Store with over 100 million downloads. This proves the popularity and usefulness of Bitmoji is undisputed.

People can use the Bitmoji app to create their own cartoon versions from various social media accounts. Like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook because you can create various expressions.

BitMoji currently uses Snapchat, but was originally developed by BitStrip of Toronto, Canada. The BitStrip company is used to produce digital comic strips featuring individual avatars similar to Bitmoji.

3. Myidol: 3D Avatar Creator

By using the Myidol: 3D Avatar Creator application, making free cartoon and lego profile photos can be done quickly and easily. You can create your own type of avatar after taking selfies with yourself or friends.

Myidol: 3D Avatar Creator uses 3D facial recognition technology, allowing you to create your own unique profile photo. Other features of this app such as skin tone, hair style, eye color, and different types of mustache, are similar to anime photo apps.

These various features can be used to make you look like an avatar. Apps Myidol: 3D Avatar Creator also offers unique types of outfits that make your avatar completely different from all other profile photo making apks.

4. SuperMii – Cartoon Avatar Maker

SuperMii – Cartoon Avatar Maker is one of the leading free avatar maker apps available on the Play Store. SuperMii – Cartoon Avatar Maker app has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Android.

This best avatar creation android apk is perfect for creating your avatar, business logo for company, brand, YouTube and Facebook avatar. In this app, you can choose from male or female character creation.

You can also add some unique text styles to the avatars you create. SuperMii – Cartoon Avatar Maker allows users to create various types of themes using this apk for free.

5. Avatar Maker: Dragons

Avatar Maker: Dragons is more advanced and more modern because initially users can only create human avatars. But as innovations are made, this application can also create magical creatures like dragons.

If you are a fan of dragon characters, this app is for you. You can make your avatar the way you want, or make it as spooky as you want very easily in Avatar Maker: Dragons.

Once you’ve created a unique type of dragon, you can dress it up in your favorite outfit. Then fire will come out of your dragon’s mouth, and if you like a friendly dragon, different kinds of flowers can also come out of his mouth.

6. Avatar Maker: Witches for Android

Perhaps many people know about the reincarnation of humans and dragons. But after using Avatar Maker: Witches for Android you’ll realize that you can also create wizard incarnations.

If you’re a wizard lover, then you can say Avatar Maker: Witches for Android is for you. You can choose your own type of magic wizard very easily on the app on your Android phone.

You can even create your own wizard avatar with your photos from your gallery app. To give your avatar significant personality and charm, load any dream image into the creator.

7. Face Avatar Maker

An avatar creation app called Face Avatar Maker is a fun app that lets you create an avatar for yourself. The makers of this app offer many customization options that can change your look.

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This avatar creation apk includes tons of styles and outfit options as well as tons of stickers for your best moments. Face Avatar Maker is an avatar maker app that’s easy to use and of course, like any motion photo app, it’s free to use without a subscription.

Face Avatar Maker is a great app for creating avatars in cartoon style. This app comes with lots of flexible colors and interesting effects and you can use it to create profile photos.

The final word

The discussion about the best avatar application may be enough as described at the beginning. You can download the applications above and then use them to create cute avatar characters on your Android phone.

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