Auto Scroll App – Auto Scroll App. There are many applications that are said to be able to make money by watching videos, such as the SnackVideo application, Cashzine, and many more.

But if we scroll, click, and watch videos one by one, it will be very tired, right? Not to mention that we can waste a lot of time just doing these boring activities.

Therefore, instead of scrolling your Android phone manually, it’s better to use an automatic scrolling application. This application is widely available on the Play Store, but because not many know it, it is not widely used.

This application is, of course, as useful as a point coordinate application. By using it, you can automatically scroll and watch videos on money-making applications without inviting the friend, the income you get will be abundant.

List of Automatic Android Mobile Scroll Applications

Here are some Android cellphone scrolling applications automatically. You can listen to more information in the articles that we have compiled from various trusted sources below.

1. Gulir Mudah

Easy Scroll is an application for automatic, easy, and hassle-free Android cellphone scrolling. You can scroll without having to stick your finger just by installing an application called Easy Scroll.

In fact, you can also auto-click using Easy Scroll. Of course this application will be very useful to use on the SnackVideo apk, VidNow. Hello, TikTok, Instagram and other money making apps.

Various kinds of features are also equipped in this application. Such as Change scroll speed and Application registration to use. There are also features Customization of buttons (color, orientation, number of buttons), and Turning of e-book pages.

2. Kinetic Scroll

Kinetic Scroll is also an apk on Android phones that can scroll the screen automatically. You just need to install this one app and then let Kinetic Scroll do the scrolling for you.

Many features are provided in this application, the aim is to facilitate your activities. Such as Changing the position of the menu, on the right or left side of the screen and Go to the very top of the application directly.

In addition, this application can also slide itself up slowly according to the predetermined speed, pause or stop the movement, and slide down slowly (depending on settings).

3. Asisten Klik

Another Android auto scrolling app is Click Assistant. As the name implies, this application was made by an Indonesian developer so that it has a local language setting that makes it easier for users.

How to use this application is that you first download and install the Click Assistant application on the Play Store. After that, install and run the application as usual, then just activate the swipe settings, interval, duration, etc.

Later, a floating menu bar will appear next to your cellphone screen. From there, the app will start working on automatic scrolling. When in the middle of the trip you want to change settings, you can go to the floating menu bar beside it.

4. Game master – Auto Clicker Tapping

You can also use the Game master – Auto Clicker Tapping application for automatic screen scrolling. This application can run on Android devices without having to root first.

In Game master – Auto Clicker Tapping, you can set any position to click or scroll at any time. You can easily record your movements, as well as press the [Record] button to start recording motions.

You can set the click time to suit your set requirements and long press and short press time can be set freely. This application is really useful, like the FF config application.

5. TouchMacroPro – Auto Clicker

TouchMacroPro – Auto Clicker is an apk that can help you scroll and click the screen automatically and play it over and over again. You can compare pictures and touch faster than using manual hands.

If you enable Android Developer options, it is possible to record finger movements on TouchMacroPro – Auto Clicker. There is a free trial period and you can use it for free after subscribing.

This TouchMacroPro – Auto Clicker application requires accessibility. On Android 7.0 and above, please enable accessibility permission so that this app can really work smoothly.

6. Aplikasi Scroll Otomatis Lain

There are many other apps that can be used for automatic scrolling on Android phones in the Play Store. You can choose one or more of the following applications, then download them for free.

  • Automatic Scroll
  • Easy Scroll
  • Tap Scroll
  • Smart Scroll – Auto Scroll Apps/Documents/Browsers
  • Auto Scroll Browser

The final word

Maybe that’s all the discussion that we have discussed on this auspicious occasion regarding the automatic scrolling application on Android. Hopefully the information provided can be useful so that you can scroll your cellphone automatically.

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