Auto Headshot App – Auto Headshot App. At this time Free Fire has become one of the most popular online games in Indonesia, the players are spread throughout the archipelago, especially young people.

But most people want to be able to quickly become good at playing this FF game. They don’t care about the excitement of being a beginner who their opponent always beats, they just want to win when they compete.

If you want to easily win FF games, there is an application that is quite useful for you. The application in question is an auto headshot FF application that can be installed on Android devices such as offline karaoke applications.

However, it should be noted in advance, all the risks of using this application are borne by each user. We are not responsible if there is an error or ban on your FF game account.

List of Auto Headshot Free Fire Applications on Android

If you still want to try using the auto headshot application, please download and use the application below on your Android device. Here are some recommendations for free applications that can be used.

1. Regedit Pro FF

Regedit Pro FF is the first FF auto headshot app, you can try to use it to simplify free Fire games. By using this application, you can activate the automatic headshot feature in Free Fire.

In this way Regedit Pro FF users can fight enemies more easily. This application from YouTuber is distributed for free. Regedit Pro FF is actually a windows registry system, contains various databases and configurations..

Why many people use this Regedit Pro FF application is to provide automatic headshot function with up to 90% accuracy. Therefore, for those who have difficulty shooting enemies, you can activate this feature.

2. Gosensi

Gosensi is one of the Citer FF applications that you can try to use to cheat in the free fire game. Usually this application is used as a screen lubricant, which will make it easier for players to control from the headset.

Gosensi application control is divided into two types, namely automatic mode and manual mode. users only need to add a sensitivity number to the weapon you use to get a high HS chance.

Don’t worry, this FF auto headshot and citer FF application can be used for free on Android devices. You just have to download it on APKPure, APKFun, and other third-party application download sites.

3. Lulubox

The next alternative is called Lulubox.apk, which is an application that can be used for auto headshots in the free Fire game. Not only suitable for free Fire games or games, the lulubox APK application is also widely used for goalkeepers in legendary mobile games.

Even Lulubox can be used to unlock all heroes with skins in your favorite Free Fire game. The lulubox application can also be used in the battle royale game produced by Garena Indonesia.

There is even information that the application called Lulubox is classified as a rather dangerous application. Therefore, most people who have used this Lulubox app recommend it.

4. GFX Tool

Another recommended application that is usually used to change graphics from free shooting games to HD quality is the GFX Tool. Of course according to the title, the GFX Tool application can also be used for automatic FF headshots.

But besides that the GFX Tool application is also widely used as a cheat that can make it easier for Free Fire players. Especially when the Free Fire game players set the head target (headshot).

This is why even though it can be found on the Google Playstore, it is often flagged as an illegal app which is not recommended by the developer. So remember, the risk of using the GFX Tool is still borne by each.

5. Config FF

Config FF is widely known as an all-in-one application to make it easier for users to play Free Fire games. Many even think that Config FF is not an APK, but a special program on Android devices.

While this statement is true, FF Config is designed to allow users to get Headshots easily. Thus, you can play FF ​​games more easily and of course quickly.

How to install the configuration on this application is also fairly simple. Because in its use, you just need to go into the directory and play it, and then all the functions will be activated automatically.

6. Ruok FF APK

You agree that this FF auto headshot apk is suitable for use and is widely used by auditors. Not only that, this application is also often used to modify and optimize the Free Fire game for free.

By using an application called Ruok FF APK, free Free Fire games can run faster without lag. Of course, beginners will also find it easier to control characters and win matches in FF games.

Various types of FF applications provide a variety of useful sweaters, especially in terms of getting free FF diamonds. Ruok FF APK also has its own advantages that can be felt after you install it.

7. Rendy Sc VIP FF

You can try the next FF sitter application from Rendy Sc VIP FF. This type of Rendy Sc VIP FF application is widely used by survivors who want to win free shooting games quickly and easily.

In terms of its own function, it is not much different from other ff cheat applications. Not only that, the Rendy Sc VIP FF application can also be used for free and can be installed easily on Android.

Start by providing automatic headshot functions, immune to blood, penetrating walls, easily getting ridicule and so on. However, you also have to be careful, because this FF cheat APK can make your account detected as fraudulent due to illegal transactions.

The final word

Just get here first a review of the auto headshot ff application on Android as reviewed in this article. Please just use the applications that we mentioned above so you can play the Free Fire game so you can get up quickly.

Originally posted 2023-09-11 03:12:34.

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