Auto Block Unknown Numbers App on WhatsApp – Auto Block Unknown Numbers App on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp application has indeed become the best chat apk in the world with various advantages.

But that doesn’t mean WhatsApp doesn’t have weaknesses, one of which is that we are often contacted by unknown numbers. Have you also experienced this in the WhatsApp application?

Luckily we can use a number of applications to block unknown numbers on WhatsApp. The application can also be used for free without having to pay any subscription fees.

Here we will recommend to you several choices of auto block unknown number applications on WhatsApp. Please see the discussion and explanation in the description below.

Auto Block Unknown Numbers on WhatsApp Android

Without talking about this again, we can immediately listen to a complete discussion about the automatic blocking application for unknown numbers on WhatsApp. Please take a look and see together the recommendations below.

1. WhatsApp Aero

The first application that is highly recommended to you to block unknown contact numbers on WhatsApp is WhatsApp Aero. Because WhatsApp Aero is a full-featured WA mod application.

Basically, the easiest way offered is to use the WhatsApp Aero application. Like FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, this WhatsApp Aero application is not the official version released by WhatsApp, but its features are very complete.

This WhatsApp mod application called WhatsApp Aero has a cool addition you need, which is to block unknown numbers on WhatsApp automatically. This feature allows you to block numbers without saving them.

2. Truecaller

The next application to block unknown numbers on WhatsApp is Truecaller. The Truecaller app is a communication app that you can use to easily and accurately track the owner of an unknown number.

Also, this Truecaller app can be used to block incoming calls from spam numbers. Operation is very simple, starting with downloading the Truecaller app for free on the Google Play Store.

After that open the app and register your number in the app, Allow the app to use phone number data. Click Block menu to provide blocking options, you can block spam, block hidden numbers, and annoy.

3. Without App

Maybe many Whatsapp users find an unknown number on their smartphone. This annoying number in WA also annoys Whatsapp users because sometimes the chats they offer end up being scammed.

So that the number does not interfere with your WA, the most appropriate way is to block it so that the number cannot be called back. Now to block the number, the steps and methods are fairly easy.

Open the Whatsapp application, After that, select the number you want to block, Please select the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner. Then select the “More” option, then “Block”. After selecting “Block” again, the number cannot interfere.

The final word

Up here first, our explanation about the best application to block unknown numbers on whatsapp. We hope that the review we have provided can be useful, especially for those of you who want to get the best WhatsApp spam number block apk.

Originally posted 2023-09-22 06:55:15.

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