Global Chat App

aplikasi chat global – Global Chat App. Finding friends or acquaintances from abroad is no longer a difficult thing to do, especially when it is supported by the era of globalization and … Selengkapnya

Arabic App

aplikasi bahasa arab – Arabic App. Learning Arabic is one of the activities that is quite difficult to do compared to learning a number of other languages in this world. This can … Selengkapnya

Flashlight App

aplikasi senter – Flashlight App. Although currently there are many smartphones that already have a built-in flashlight, but usually the light produced from the flashlight is very simple, namely only orange. … Selengkapnya

Step Counter App

aplikasi penghitung langkah – Step Counter App. Walking is indeed a common activity, but it seems to be greatly reduced as online activities develop. In fact, humans are required to do at … Selengkapnya