Applications Fonts – Applications Fonts. Maybe you’ve seen a friend’s smartphone has a strange, unique, and seems unusual font, and it looks cool so we want to try it.

When we enter the settings menu and change the font, there is no desired font. Usually cellphones generally only provide standard fonts such as Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman.

Indeed, there are several cellphones that support users to change the font as desired. But if your cellphone doesn’t have this feature, don’t worry, because there are applications that make more font choices.

We can choose fonts applications on Android in the Google Play Store for free and complete. This application usually offers more than 100 or 1,000 types of fonts to install on our cellphones.

Recommended Best Fonts Applications on Android Phones

Below we provide recommendations for the best fonts applications on Android phones that users can use. Please see the full review in the explanation below.

1. FancyKey Keyboard

One of the most recommended fonts application names for Android phones at this time is FancyKey Keyboard. Although this app is not basically a font changer apk, but a keyboard app.

However, it is undeniable that this FancyKey Keyboard application also offers a variety of cool and fun fonts for you to try. All fonts in the FancyKey Keyboard application are also available for free.

The FancyKey Keyboard application on Android also offers more than 70 fonts available for Android HP users. With this app, you can also change the color and font size to your liking. Interested?

2. FlipFont 50#6

Next up is the font for the FlipFont 50#6 app, although the name is a little hard to spell, but don’t get me wrong. This FlipFont 50#6 application does have positive reviews and reviews from many downloaders.

Not only that, FlipFont 50#6 is also a font changer app that you can also use to change the font on your Android phone. This app doesn’t cost you anything because it’s completely free.

This application provides more than 50 fonts that you can use to beautify the appearance of your Android phone. Not only that, this app has a simple and easy to understand interface. Interested in trying it?

3. HiFont – Cool Font Text Free

The next application that Android users can use to change fonts is HiFont – Cool Font Text Free + Galaxy FlipFont. HiFont Apk – Cool Font Text Free this one has a fairly high rating on the Play Store.

By using this HiFont – Cool Font Text Free application, you can try funny and interesting fonts for free. The choice of fonts or text in HiFont – Cool Font Text Free is also very diverse and interesting.

This HiFont – Cool Font Text Free application not only offers attractive fonts, but also a variety of emojis that you can use for free. Of course you can use it to be installed on each smartphone.

4. Stylish Fonts

The name of the next application to change fonts on Android smartphones is Stylish Fonts. Of course, the Stylish Fonts app offers a lighter font with a file size that’s not too big and cool.

In total, in the Stylish Fonts application there are approximately 50 attractive fonts provided for Android users, which can be used after downloading the application. These fonts are available free of charge without having to pay.

If the user wants to change the font, it can also be done in a very short time. If you want to try it, you can directly install Stylish Fonts from the Google Play Store for free.

5. Girls Fonts for FlipFont

Girls Fonts for FlipFont is the next name we think deserves to be on the list. This is because the free Girls Fonts for FlipFont application offers special fonts that are not found in other applications on this list.

As the name suggests, this app is really a breakthrough that deserves to be recommended for women. Various unique, attractive and girly fonts for women can be obtained and applied to their respective Android smartphones.

This is immediately felt when you enter an application that is dominated by a pink interface design. Once downloaded, various fonts can be directly used with various types of fonts selected by the user.

6. FontFix – Free fonts

There is also an application that is no less cool and contemporary, namely FontFix – Free fonts which provides many fonts without root. Of course, it makes it easy for users to choose from the 4700+ fonts available here.

The first step to using it is of course downloading, then after that enter the FontFix – Free fonts application and look for the font you want. Your next step is to download the font and it’s ready to use.

However, it should be noted that this app is not recommended for Samsung Galaxy S7 users. Because the fonts in FontFix – Free fonts can’t be applied to the smartphone made by Samsung.

7. iFont (Expert of Fonts)

Use this free application iFont (Expert of Fonts) according to your needs. Many fonts are provided, even hundreds of font types are available in the iFont (Expert of Fonts) application without having to pay extra.

Start by choosing cute, fun, unique and stylish fonts. Can also be used directly without root. Or, you can also find other fonts that number in the hundreds in this iFont (Expert of Fonts) application.

But if users download Ifont with a Sony smartphone, they need to be rooted first. Surprisingly, here you can also set the font to reduce or enlarge without changing the cool side of the font.

The final word

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