Applications Find Boarding House – Applications Find Boarding House. When we migrate to a city far from our parents’ house, we definitely need a place to live, it’s a good idea to choose a boarding house because it has advantages.

In addition to cheap prices, boarding houses or boarding houses are also usually located in the city center. So that access to various important places such as universities, offices, and other places will be very easy.

Looking for a boarding house in this day and age is also very easy to do by anyone and at any time. The reason is that there are many choices of applications that we can use for that on Android phones.

Let’s take a look and see reviews of what are the best boarding house applications available on Android smartphones. Please see some of the application options in full below.

Best Find a Boarding App for Android

We can listen to the same selection of the best and most trusted boarding house applications that can be used on Android smartphones. The application options can be seen in the following explanation.

1. SewaKost

The first boarding house application that we recommend you to use is SewaKost. The application is available for free and can be used directly on Android smartphones by downloading it on the Play Store.

If we showed you the apps before, the list below is the boarding websites you can try. is a boarding house website and application with many choices of boarding houses near the campus you want.

In addition, you can filter your search by fixed price, bathroom type, air conditioning to WiFi. SewaKost will also display a map of the boarding house that you will choose. You can also see in more detail the distance from the boarding house to campus.

2. KostHero

Next we also recommend that you use KostHero as an alternative if it is not suitable for the application above. The nearest boarding house search application called KostHero is indeed different from other applications.

This KostHero application has a broad coverage and provides information about boarding houses. Even the search coverage on KostHero is not only in Indonesia but also in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

KostHero provides a chat feature between boarding house owners and prospective clients. This app is perfect for those who are planning to study abroad. So you don’t have to walk back and forth to get there.

3. Cari Kos

Another application name on Android to find the cheapest and best boarding house is Cari Kos. The application is an online hostel search application that covers all regions throughout Indonesia.

Not only applications, Cari Kos also has an active website. Both will help you find a boarding house. Cari Kos has several interesting features, starting from finding the closest boarding house to the user’s location.

There is also a feature in the Cari Kos application to search for boarding houses using Google Maps, Maps, boarding details, and sending messages. Cari Kos also has a push notification feature in the application on the user’s smartphone.


In addition to applications, there are several websites that offer complete services for finding boarding houses online easily and for free. We showed you, also one of the sites that offers this service.

The Indonesia application is actually a real estate website and application with the most listings of less than 1.5 million when it first appeared in 2018. When it comes to finding a boarding house, you can get a range of prices.

You can also look for functional specifications such as buildings, etc., distance from public facilities to dormitories to work or school. This application has features that make it easier for users to find the desired boarding house.

5. Infokost

Infokost is a very good online boarding application to use on Android smartphones. The Infokost application not only provides a feature to search for boarding houses in Jabodetabek, but also to search for properties.

Infokost application users can search for properties from Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Medan to Palembang. For boarding features, almost everything in this application is the same as other online boarding applications.

Infokost also provides prices, addresses, and other details. For more information, you can contact the related boarding house owner through this Infokost to ask all these details directly.

6. KostKost

The next trusted and free boarding house search application is KostKost. This KostKost application is very useful for those of you who are looking for a special boarding house within the University of Indonesia and Greater Jakarta.

Therefore, this KostKost application is intended for those migrating to the capital. The features of this boarding application include price details, address, contact details of the boarding house owner, room facilities, and boarding facilities.

Another interesting feature of KostKost is that you can get information on which boarding houses are preferred by students in the area. KostKost can also show the location of the boarding house to the user.

7. Mamikost

Mamikost is a free boarding application with accurate and complete data throughout Indonesia. This application also provides various up-to-date information including facilities, room availability, and the contact number of the homestay owner.

At Mamikost, of course you can also see the price of the boarding house offered. In addition, the application provides directions in the form of a map, making it easier to find the nearest boarding house location as desired.

Plus, the app will tell you how far the boarding house is from your campus or office! The Mamikost application can be used for free and easily by downloading it first on the Android Play Store.


The discussion about the boarding house application on Android has been completed, we have discussed it in full and in detail. Hopefully the information on the apk search for boarding houses can help those of you who want to know the recommendations.

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