Applications Calculating Land Area – Applications Calculating Land Area. Are you planning to calculate a land area that can be used as a plot or an area to build a house?

Calculating the area of ​​​​land is sometimes a fairly inconvenient activity for some people. But nowadays, this is no longer a problem to be afraid of.

The reason is that there are lots of applications that can be used to calculate land area on an Android phone. The application is also quite safe because it already exists officially and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Below we will provide recommendations to you regarding the choice of applications to calculate land area on Android phones. Please just take a look at the discussion below.

Collection of Applications for Calculating Land Area for Android

Without further ado, let’s just take a look at the application options to calculate land area accurately. Please see the full review which we discuss below.

1. Area Calculator

Area Calculator is highly recommended to be an application for calculating your land area on your Android phone. With this app you can measure an area with just one tap on the available map.

The interesting thing about this Area Calculator application is that you can delete the points you have earned. As a result, the area area data acquisition that you get is more flexible and tailored to your needs.

Another feature you get with this Area Calculator app is the ability to save back areas. You can also save the measurements you have taken, and much more inside the Area Calculator app.

2. Google Maps

The next application that you can use to calculate land area is Google Maps. You can use this app online to find out how much area you want to calculate accurately.

Although the results obtained are not as accurate as manual calculations, with this Google Maps application you can get a clearer picture of the land area. The Google Maps application of course can be used for free.

How to calculate area using google maps is very simple. All you have to do is open the Google Maps app and click on the satellite image. If you want to use Google Maps, just download it directly on the Play Store.

3. Geographic Area Calculator

Geographic Area Calculator is the right application for those of you who are planning to buy a property and want to know the land area of ​​the property. This Geographic Area Calculator application becomes the next recommended area counter.

In this Geographic Area Calculator app there are archived measurements as well as a very smart tool for measuring areas on the map. Geo Area Calculator app has GPS area with different types of map view.

Also can display satellite mode, topography, and live maps. The advantage of the Geographic Area Calculator application to calculate land area is that it is convenient to measure, can help with gardening and agricultural work.

4. AutoCAD

One of the applications used to calculate land area was developed by Autodesk. AutoCAD can be used on mobile devices, so it can save you time in calculating land area for free without paying.

AutoCAD applications are commonly used on PCs, laptops, or computers. You can download this application on your device and then follow some steps to use the AutoCAD application.

You have to create a plan with polylines, the goal is for all the lines to merge with each other. Then click on the line you drew so that all the lines are blocked. So that the lines that originally looked straight are now dashed.

5. GPS Field Area Measure

GPS Field Area Measure is an application developed by Global Apps Technology, it is about 8.2 MB in size. One of the advantages of the GPS Field Area Measure application is that it has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on the Play Store.

The GPS Field Area Measure application is a very popular application among land surveyors. All of this is visible. With the average user response, the average user is very satisfied with the measurement of the application.

That is, the GPS Field Area Measure application provides enough results not to disappoint. Equipped with a compass area distance changer display, this application is also quite easy to use, namely setting the time point in the measurement area.

6. GPS Area Calculator

Developed by KBK Infosoft, the GPS Area Calculator application is 16 Mb in size and has been downloaded and installed on Playstore by more than 1 million users. This app has also received a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store.

In addition, the user’s response to the GPS Area Calculator application is quite positive. From the assessment and user reactions, it can be concluded that the GPS Area Calculator application is quite satisfactory for measuring land area.

This GPS Area Calculator application is equipped with measuring fields and various measuring tools. Even cooler than this app is gps with multiple map view models, topographic maps, satellite search and maps.


That’s all the discussion from Stornowaybc regarding the application to calculate the land area of ​​mobile phones that we can convey. Hopefully our explanation can be understood so that you can calculate the land area only from your cellphone.

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