Applications Adding RAM to Android Phones – Applications Adding RAM to Android Phones. Maybe you feel that your cellphone is currently running very slow and slow, especially when you open too many applications at the same time.

One of the reasons is because of the limited RAM of your Android smartphone. Basically, RAM cannot be added at will because there are no other memory slots that RAM can enter.

But there are a number of applications that make it easy for us to add RAM to a smartphone. How the hell does an app that claims to be able to do it?

We will explain to you how the RAM booster app works on Android. Not only that, we will also recommend several choices of the best RAM-adding applications.

The Best RAM Adding Applications on Android Phones

Check out our direct explanation of the application recommendations to add the best RAM on Android smartphones. Please see the explanation that we suggest to you below.

1. Speed Booster

Speed ​​Booster being the first app to be suggested. If you want to get an app that doesn’t require root permission, Speed ​​Booster is worth considering as it is an app developed by Cheetah Mobile.

The Speed ​​Booster application will not take up storage space because this application has a light size of only 2 MB. In addition, this Speed ​​Booster application has no ads, so it is more convenient to use.

This Speed ​​Booster application offers many features, one of which is cache file cleaner and CPU cooler. Not only that, this Speed ​​Booster application increases the available RAM and even saves battery.

2. Smart Booster Pro

Another recommendation goes to Smart Booster Pro. Smart Booster Pro application is the best application for the needs of daily smartphone use. One of them is its excellent performance for Android.

How to use the Smart Booster Pro application is also easy because it can be done through a widget so that users do not need to open the application first. Surely the Smart Booster Pro application saves time, right?

This Smart Booster Pro application works by disabling the device which can affect smartphone performance due to full RAM. Of course Smart Booster Pro helps the device work more optimally.

3. RAM Cleanup

The next app to add RAM to Android is RAM Cleanup, which offers almost the same functionality as the previous app. However, the use of RAM Cleanup is perfect for those who don’t like hassle.

This is due to the simple appearance of the RAM Cleanup application and the user only needs to press a button. RAM Cleanup will then automatically remove the apps that are causing the RAM capacity on your device to be full.

The downside of the RAM Cleanup app is that the features it offers are very limited compared to other apps. So, the RAM Cleanup application is very suitable for smartphone users among the elderly.

4. RAM Master

RAM Master can also be considered. Pic Tools Group not only released an application for editing good photos, but also showcased an application to increase RAM for Android, namely the application RAM Master.

This RAM Master application is very helpful for users to stop applications that can cause a lot of RAM loss. As a result, your smartphone will no longer be slow and use more efficient battery.

In addition to some of the main features provided by the RAM Master application, there are other features that are embedded, including a cache file cleaner which is one of the reasons why RAM is full quickly that RAM Master provides.

5. CCleaner

CCleaner is a very complete RAM cleaning tool; An apk that cleans download folders, app cache, browser history, and much more. CCleaner gives you the option of deleting SMS messages and call logs.

For example deleting groups or individuals, by connection, or by age in the app. CCleaner can easily uninstall applications. Overall, it was a relaxing experience.

CCleaner started out as a desktop cleaner. The CCleaner app may also not have as many features as some of the other apps listed, but CCleaner is a quick and easy way to free up space.

6. SD Maid

SD Maid specializes in managing apps and files, the app can help you free up storage space. SD Maid will clean junk files, clean old and unnecessary caches, and reports.

The SD Maid app has an automatic task manager that aims to schedule your cleaning so you don’t even have to think about it. SD Maid has become one of the best RAM booster apps for Android.

With the help of features in the SD Maid application, slow smartphone performance can be overcome properly. Even these apps can improve device performance and make playing games more enjoyable.

The final word

Thus the info from us about the application to add ram android that can be used by you for free. Hopefully you are no longer confused about installing and downloading the apk to increase which cellphone RAM on Android.

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