Application to Know RT RW – Application to Know RT RW. Indonesia is a very large country, has dozens of provinces, consisting of regencies and cities, as well as many villages and others.

Of course, as Indonesian citizens, it will be difficult for us to memorize the complete names of the regions up to the RT RW level. So sometimes we also need to use a special application when we want to know the full address.

Especially when you want to know the RT and RW in a village or kelurahan. There are several applications that help us get that data quickly, easily, and practically.

On this occasion, we also want to discuss some recommendations for application options to check complete RT and RW data. The reviews can be listened to and seen in the explanation or discussion below.

Choice of Apps to Know the Best RT and RW

Summarized from various sources, we want to give you choices about what applications can be used. In particular, to find out the RT and RW of a sub-village.

1. Google Maps

The first application to find out RT RW, and how to find RT and RW online is through Google Maps. Google Maps is a web map service developed by Google. This service provides satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramas.

There are also features for knowing traffic conditions, and route planning. How to check your house’s RT RW this way is very easy and practical. In fact, you can also add your home address to Google Maps to make it easier for others to find it.

However, not all home or destination addresses are equipped with RT RW on Google Maps. How to find it, just open Google Maps on your cellphone, enter your home address or destination, then check the house’s RT RW in the summary section.

2. Aplikasi Cek RT RW

Another way to find RT RW online is through an app that is widely available on Android smartphones on the Google Play Store. However, to check the application of RT and RW data, the RT RW must be registered first.

After all, there are many home RT RW check apps available today. For that, check out some really trusted apps on the Play Store for free and can be safely used by users right away.

Some RT RW apps are paid, but there are also free apps you can try. You can also use the free application first, because for the basic features, searching for RT RW data can still be done easily.

3. Kelurahan dan Kecamatan

Entering the next list is no longer using the application, because those who are looking for someone’s incomplete home address can be checked at the Kelurahan or Subdistrict. This method is more complicated and not easy to do.

In addition, the officers you ask at the Kelurahan and Kecamatan will not provide the location of the RT RW without a clear purpose and objective. However, you should not go wrong choosing another way to look for RT and RW houses.

So visit Kelurahan and Kecamatan and ask more about your destination address. Of course, you also need to be ready if it turns out that the queue at the Kelurahan and Kecamatan office is quite long.

4. Ketua RT dan RW

The way to find RT and RW at home is to ask the head of the local RT around your house. How to find out RT and RW can be an option at home by asking the person in charge of the RT or RW.

So, go to your local RT’s house to see the address and destination of the RT RW. Not sure where the head of the RT or RW asked someone else. This is the most accurate step in knowing the RT and RW numbers of our homes.

RT and RW leaders can help you learn more about your destination RT and RW. Of course, you will not be charged for just knowing the RT and RW numbers, please just try it yourself.

The final word

Until here, we have discussed the application to find out the best rt rw. Hopefully with our recommendations, you can find out RT and RW easily and quickly.

Originally posted 2023-09-12 20:44:03.

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