Application for Making Learning Videos – Application for Making Learning Videos. A teacher in the online learning period, of course, needs an interactive video containing material to be delivered to students.

Even not just teachers, but private tutors, lecturers, and professors also need an application that can be used to make learning videos easily. This application is widely available on PC.

You can choose whether you want an application that is lightweight, complete, has many templates, free, or even paid with premium features. Each can be installed on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices as well as PDF converting applications.

If you want to know what applications can be used to make interactive learning videos on PC by teachers, here we will inform you. Please read the reviews below.

List of Apps to Create Teacher Learning Videos on PC

The following is complete information about a list of applications to make teacher learning videos on PCs that are easy, practical, and can be used even by beginners. Check out his review in the discussion below.

1. Flixpress

A teacher or lecturer can create interactive learning videos using Flixpress. The application can be used directly via website access so you don’t need to install additional applications on your PC.

One of the advantages that make it easy for teachers to use Flixpress is the intro template. This template is useful so that teachers can make introductory learning materials to make videos more interesting.

This application is available for free, so teachers can use it directly without the need for a subscription fee. But if you want more complete features, there are paid options that don’t drain your pocket too much.

2. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App

Even if they don’t teach in class, teachers or lecturers can still use the whiteboard to explain material using the LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App. Thus, students or students can understand the material presented better.

If a teacher wants to make interactive learning videos, they can use this application. Of course interactive learning videos are needed especially so that students can still understand the subject matter.

The application allows teachers to record teaching sessions, process PDFs into learning media, to create learning videos like using a real whiteboard. Truly an all in one app.

3. Explain Everything Whiteboard

Another recommended application for making learning videos is the Explain Everything Whiteboard. With this application you can record videos, make presentations and work on them together.

In addition, teachers or lecturers can also easily create educational videos using the Explain Everything Whiteboard. This application is perfect for making material that can be conveyed to elementary school children to students.

If you need Dropbox and Google Drive files, Explain Everything Whiteboard lets you sync them directly through the app. In addition you can also share files in PDF, MP4, and image formats.

4. Tellagami

Maybe if you just installed it, many people think that Tellagami looks like a simulation game. More precisely, it is very similar to the life game on PC, namely The Sims.

It’s true, but if you look further, you can use this school application as a way to make animated learning videos. Even compared to the apps on the list, Tellagami can make more interesting videos.

If teachers and lecturers want to make learning videos in the form of story telling, take advantage of Tellagami which can be the right choice for you. This application is available in two versions, namely free and paid.

5. YouCut – Editor Video

Another recommended application that can be used to make study videos is YouCut – Video Editor. This application is actually a video editing application that is available for many platforms.

But in it, you can create interactive videos from a collection of images and slides of material. You can also take advantage of features, effects, text, and more to make video lessons even more interesting.

By using YouCut – Video Editor, you don’t need to be confused about creating a fast, free, and practical learning media application. You can download this application easily and free of charge.

6. PowerDirector

Are you making cinematic-style learning videos, adventure-themed lesson videos for the latest kindergartners, or simple videos? You can take advantage of the PowerDirector application for free.

You can easily create learning videos, mix clips to give memorable interesting moments, and so on with ease. According to, PowerDirector is the perfect learning video editing application for you.

With tons of great editing features, templates, and effects that are updated every month it makes this app a real teacher to rely on. You can easily create learning videos for students and students.

The final word

Maybe that’s all our discussion about the list of applications for making PC learning videos. Hopefully the information we have shared can be useful, especially for those who want to have good learning videos.

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