Application Check Postage – Application Check Postage. Before we buy goods online, of course we want to know how much shipping costs we will bear, right? Usually based on various things.

Starting from the weight of the goods, the type of goods, the distance traveled, and many others. In addition, the shipping company also affects how much shipping costs we will pay.

This also applies not only when we want to order goods. But when we want to send goods, we will also pay for the operational costs.

Now it’s easier for us to check how much the postage rate on an expedition service is based on the delivery destination. There are so many applications that we can use for this.

Recommended Android Best Postage Check Applications

Here are some choices of the best postage check applications on Android phones that you can use. Please just look at the application recommendations in the explanation that we convey below.

1. Cek Ongkir

This application also provides a number of functions such as a postage query result filter, which can display the express delivery results the user wants. This postage check application supports checking postage and receipts.

Such as JNE, POS, TIKI, PCP, ESL, RPX, Pandu, Wahana, Sicepat, J&T, Pahala, Cahaya, SAP Express, JET, Indah Logistic, Solusi Express, 21 Express (DSE), Pertama, NCS, Lion Parcel and NSS Express.

Even Check Postage can also sort the cheapest express prices. In addition, the results of postage checks can also be directly shared through various platforms such as WA, Line, BBM, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Email, and Bluetooth.

2. Cek Ongkir Semua Kurir

The application to check the next recommended postage is Check Postage for all JNE Couriers, TIKI, POS & All Postage Couriers. Which expeditions can be checked is not detailed in this one application.

Some of them are JNE, TIKI, POS Indonesia, Wahana, J&T and Pandu Logistik. Also, the Check Ongkir All Courier application supports viewing international fares which other similar applications do not usually have.

Courier companies supported by this postage and receipt check application are JNE, TIKI, POS, RPX, ESL, PCP, Pandu Express, WAHANA, SICEPAT, J&T, PAHALA, CAHAYA, SAP, JET, DSE, SLIS, FIRST, NCS and many more.

3. MyJNE

Because JNE is one of the most popular shipping companies in Indonesia, there must be many users of this logistics service. JNE loyal customers can check shipping costs, check receipts, and more on an application called My JNE.

Delivery checks on My JNE will be accompanied by a calculation of the package to be sent. This includes the weight, length, width and height of the package. This is so that postage checks can run accurately on MyJNE.

Packages that exceed the JNE provisions will be counted as weight. So, maybe the pack is only 1kg, but it is so big, that it can be counted as several kilograms heavier. Thus, JNE users do not need to be confused about calculating postage.


Another postage check application is which provides receipt check services to 31 logistics or expedition companies. Just to check shipping costs, the application supports five companies, namely JNE, Pos, TIKI, SiCepat and Wahana.

One of the advantages of the postage check application called is the receipt checking system. Users do not need to select an expedition when entering a receipt number. Just enter the receipt and the system will let you know where the package is.

Make sure your internet connection is good so there are no problems checking postage and receipts. However, the application has a feature that allows users to check the status of shipments and shipping costs on

5. RajaOngkir

The recommended application to check the next postage is RajaOngkir. This RajaOngkir application provides a very simple and easy-to-use Android receipt and postage check service.

Even to check shipping costs, Rajaongkir provides information on domestic and foreign shipping. For domestic delivery, Rajaongkir offers JNE, POS Indonesia, TIKI, Wahana, J&T, Sicepat, RPX, PCP, Pandu.

There are also Pahala, SAP, JET Express, 21 Express, SLIS, First Logistics, NCS, Star Cargo, NSS Express, Ninja Xpress and Lion Parcel expeditions. Also IDL Cargo, PopExpress, Red Carpet Logistics (RCL), to Exaq Logistics (EXAQ).

6. Cek Resi dan Ongkir

The next application name is Check Receipt and Postage, which is an application made by Azkidev. This Receipt and Postage Check helps you quickly and easily check the status of your package or track it through various services.

The Check Receipt and Postage application is also equipped with checking shipping costs throughout Indonesia. To check shipping rates, you can check shipping rates for JNE Express, TIKI, POS Indonesia, Sicepat, Wahana, Indah Logistik, and others.

In addition, by using Check Receipt and Postage you can also check delivery receipt numbers for JNE, TIKI, POS Indonesia, Pandu, Wahana, Sicepat, J&T Express, Pahala, Cahaya, First Logistics, Jet Express and Indah Logistics.

7. Cek Resi dan Ongkir Ayiip

Ayiip’s Check Receipt and Ongkir application can help you check postage and delivery status to track your package quickly and easily. This application also provides a list of domestic and international shipping rates.

To check domestic shipping costs on the Ayiip Check Receipt and Postage application, you can check shipping costs from JNE, TIKI, Pos Indonesia, ESL, Wahana, Sicepat Delivery Service, J&T Express, First Logistics, Rex, JET Express and Lion Parcel.

Then for international shipments, you can see the postage for Logistics Global Express and China Post Service. Please just download the Check Receipt and Postage Ayiip from the Play Store for Android users.

8. Apk Cek Ongkir Lazday Indonesia

For those who want to check shipping costs easily, you can try the Lazday Indonesia Check Ongkir application. This application, called Cek Ongkir Lazday Indonesia, makes it easy to check postage and receipt numbers via Android devices.

With this Lazday Indonesia Check Ongkir application you can also search for your stamp history so you can find it again. So, the Lazday Indonesia Check Ongkir application is really suitable for you to use to check postage.

Lazday Indonesia provides delivery check services such as JNE, POS Indonesia, TIKI, Sicepat, Wahana and J&T. As for the receipt number, you can check the delivery receipt number for JNE, POS Indonesia, TIKI, Sicepat, Wahana and J&T.

9. Qirim

Do you want an ad-free postage calculator app? For those who want it, the Qirim app is the answer. Qirim offers ad-free postage checking and receipt checking services.

In addition, this receipt and postage check application provides data for all services such as postage checks for JNE, Wahana, J&T, etc. There will also be no charge for checking shipping costs on Qirim.

With the information provided by these best postage check apps, it’s easier to understand your shipping costs. More interestingly, the Qirim application can be directly downloaded for free on the Play Store.

10. Ongkos Kirim Lengkap

Complete Postage is another application recommendation that you can use to find out how much shipping costs. Especially if you want to deliver goods domestically in Indonesia specifically.

As the name implies, the complete shipping application helps you check shipping costs for all your expeditions, such as JNE, Tiki, Pos Indonesia, ESL Express, RPX, PCP, and postage for international shipping services.

The postage application has completed checking JNE, TIKI, POS, WAHANA, JnT receipts, and is also equipped with reports, shipping favorites, and a monitor receipt menu to monitor delivery status.

11. OngkirinAja

The name of this application is very familiar in the ears of people who like to ship goods or shop online. Because, OngkirinAja is very useful to help find out how much it costs to send an expedition service in Indonesia.

OngkirinAja is an application for checking shipping costs and tracking package delivery receipts. You will get complete information about shipping costs and information on the location of the goods you send.

This app is free to download and saves quota. OngkirinAja also provides various shipping information from all roads in Indonesia. Don’t forget that this application also offers a large selection of expedition services operating in Indonesia.

The final word

We have discussed the reviews about the Android apk about the best shipping check application in full. In addition to the application for checking postage, there are also many other application recommendations on this blog.

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