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Stornowaybc.com – Apartment Rental Application. When you live in a place for a long time, and don’t have enough money, renting an apartment may be the right choice.

Moreover, the cost of renting compared to buying an apartment is also very different. It will be more economical when we choose to rent an apartment compared to buying other properties.

Searching for apartments and renting them will become even easier because of the help of today’s technology. Moreover, there are many platforms that offer other attractive promos.

On this occasion, we will provide recommendations to you regarding what are the best rental or buying applications for apartments on Android phones. Please take a look and see the full review below.

The Best Apartment Rental Application on Android Phones

Here, we will immediately look at some of the recommended application options for renting an apartment on an Android device. Please see the full review of the applications we recommend below.

1. OLX

OLX is the best apartment rental app that we recommend to you. Apart from being a place for buyers and sellers to transact, you can also use OLX to find the latest apartment rental information.

Especially regarding apartments, there are features such as filters and category features in this application. These two features on OLX will help you and other users get apartment information wherever you want.

Users of the OLX application only need to adjust it so that the information presented later is more in line with what is expected. Each of the above applications will surely give you its own experience.

2. Rentist

Rentist is our next apartment rental application recommendation which is quite worth a try. Especially for those who want to rent out items such as vehicles or party supplies, they can use the Rentist application.

The Rentist app has tons of features, such as project lists, project categories, and even a rental calendar, so you can see if related projects are available. Of course the Rentist application is very reliable to try.

Rentist itself actually has two applications, one for owners and one for tenants. With this Rentist application, of course you can easily find the items you need without having to buy them.

3. IZIstay

With the help of the IZIstay application you will find information about apartments with various facilities. The information is valid and correct information, so you do not need to doubt its veracity.

The validity of the information in IZIstay is guaranteed because it is based on the results of surveys conducted by surveyors. You can use the filter function to filter the information to make it more suitable as expected.

For IZIstay users who want to get an initial photo of the apartment, IZIstay also includes a photo. So you can observe the photo first then go directly to the location with the help of the map function.

4. Rumah123

Next is the familiar application, Rumah123. Like other applications, the Rumah 123 application also offers various features to make it easier for users to find apartments. For example, the Save Favorites feature.

This feature in the Rumah123 application will later allow you to revisit the saved apartments from their website. You can also share your dream apartment via social networks.

A very popular app, the Home 123 app promises a better search at a faster speed. In addition, you can take advantage of the short list and save the new search function.

5. CariKosan

There is also the CariKosan application. The CariKosan application is a good choice for those looking for an apartment. You can find a lot of apartment information in this app, either by day, month or year.

The payment system contained in the CariKosan application itself is very simple. You can pay by bank transfer. The bank used is a reputable and trusted bank in Indonesia.

Not only that, users of the CariKosan application will also be able to pay rent with a credit card. Want to pay with OVO? You can, try it. This application is also relatively light, so your device will not be burdened.

6. Mamikos

Mamikos is another recommended application, Mamikos is an application that provides daily apartment rental information in Jakarta. In fact, not only Jakarta, this application also provides information on apartments in other cities.

Mamikos itself is committed to providing accurate and clear information, including around the apartment. This is one of the things that makes this Mamikos app stand out and is widely used by a number of people.

There are various functions in this application, including a search function that you can customize according to the desired category. Then there is the filter feature which allows the app to display apartments only according to your needs.

7. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of those apps that is actually quite popular. By using this Airbnb application, it will be easier for you to get information about renting the Sentra Timur Cakung apartment or other apartments.

Just like similar apps, Airbnb has several features to help you find your dream apartment more easily. One of them is the home function, where you start looking for an apartment on the Airbnb app.

Then there is the Wish List feature, which allows you to directly choose the apartment you will visit later. Next up is the messaging feature, which allows you to communicate with the person who rented it.

The final word

That’s our info about the android apartment rental application that you can use for free. Hopefully you are no longer confused about installing and downloading the apk to rent which apartment on Android.

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