Answer Key App – Answer Key App. Have you ever found it difficult to answer questions about subjects in junior high, vocational, or high school levels?

Starting from general subjects such as Indonesian, English, Mathematics. Or science and social studies vocational subjects such as economics, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, and many more.

Of course, today’s rapid technological developments make it easier for us to find the answer keys to questions. We only need to type the question in the search field, then the answers will appear.

Here we will explain to you some of the recommendations for the best answer key applications on Android smartphones. Please read and see the explanation below.

Best Answer Key Application on Android Phone

Let’s take a look at the selection of the best question answering applications on Android phones that we have summarized from various sources. Here are a few choices of applications that you can use for free.

1. Mathway

The first application for answering questions for various junior high, high school, and college subjects that we recommend to you is Mathway. The Mathway application can be obtained for free through the Google Play Store.

This answer key application works by taking a picture of a math problem and then a discussion will appear. In addition, there are calculations at Mathway in algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry.

Mathway is able to solve various math problems quickly and easily because it uses a sophisticated artificial intelligence system. Mathway includes handy help with speech recognition, so you just have to dictate.

2. CoLearn

The CoLearn application is also a key application for answering exam questions or subjects at school. The CoLearn application has the advantage that it is light to use but the appearance of the application is very modern and easy to use.

CoLearn is an app that makes it easy to get answers online. You will also get learning videos on CoLearn so you can watch them to understand the lessons more clearly.

There is also a live course in the CoLearn application for online learning media that follows the latest curriculum. This app is suitable for college entrance exams, national entrance exams, trials or regular practice questions.

3. Tanya Jawab Soal

Questions and Answers is another application that we recommend to you because it can be used for free on Android devices. As the name implies, Question and Answer Questions are intended to answer questions and subjects.

You can download free quiz apps with additional features like learning videos. You can ask for the keys anytime, anywhere, with explanations in addition to the answers provided by the Questions and Answers Questions.

So it’s like you have a reliable private tutor from elementary to high school. Another advantage is that it has been adapted to the national curriculum, so that it can be used for national exam exercises or trial exercises on Questions and Answers.

4. Qanda

Maybe not many people know that there is an application called Qanda that really helps solve user questions and answers easily. The Qanda application can be used for free without a subscription fee.

Qanda provides a fast response facility just by taking a picture. Through the Qanda application, it only takes about 5 seconds to complete this task and an answer will appear along with a complete discussion.

You can use this answer key app for free for all levels of education. This is an app that makes it easy to complete your homework or homework by taking pictures of all your classes.

5. Photomath

You could say that Photomath is the simplest and simplest question-answer application, especially for answering math problems. The reason is that in Photomath users are only asked to take photos of the text of math problems.

Photomath can answer math class questions by taking photos for faster completion. You simply download the app for free, point your camera at the question, and an explanation will appear.

Also in Photomath is available for automatic scientific calculator with various calculations. In your answer on Photomath will also get some different solutions and methods to make it more complete.

6. Brainly

Brainly is an app that answers questions by taking pictures for your convenience. All kinds of subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, geography, Civics, history, biology, social sciences (IPS), IT, and economics.

Not only that, in the Brainly application there are also many others that can be accessed for free. You can find answers to various models of questions, ask experts or friends online quickly and practically.

Doing your homework can be very helpful if you don’t know the material and have access 24 hours a day. Moreover, the Brainly application can be accessed for free by students throughout the beloved territory of Indonesia.

7. Ruangguru

Ruangguru is the best and most complete question answer application in Indonesia. Most students and students must already understand and know the Ruangguru application because of its extraordinary popularity.

Ruangguru has become a well-known learning application in Indonesia. You can access learning videos, sample questions, trials, free or paid lessons whenever you need them.

There are questions about SD, SMP, and SMA which are adapted to the Indonesian education curriculum. You can access practice questions and then discuss the answers to make learning easier.

The final word

Thus the info from us about the android answer key application that can be used by you for free. Hopefully you are not confused anymore to install and download the apk for which answer key is on Android.

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