Anime Watch App – Anime Watch App. Anime is one type of entertainment show in the form of animated videos that are similar to cartoons. The difference is, anime is based on manga or light novels.

In Indonesia, of course, there are many anime lovers scattered around, and they will never run out of entertainment material because anime shows will continue to be updated every time. Moreover, there are many applications to watch it for free.

Not only include English or Japanese subtitles, but many anime applications also include Indonesian subtitles. So, we don’t need to learn Japanese to understand conversation in anime.

Like calculator apps, there are a wide selection of apps to watch anime for free, legally, and online on Android. For those who don’t know, here we will explain to you below.

List of the Best Android Anime Watch Apps

Immediately, you can listen to the following reviews about the best anime watching applications on Android phones. You can choose one of the apps below to watch anime for free anytime and anywhere.

1. Cunchyroll

The best application for watching anime movies with Indonesian subtitles on smartphones is Crunchyroll. The Crunchyroll anime movie streaming app is one of the best and most popular apps on Android.

No wonder why, because the Cunchyroll TV app has all the latest anime series for each season. Of course, there are many choices of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese anime films that will spoil anime fans.

Not only that, if you register as a premium member, you can also enjoy a number of interesting features within the Cunchyroll app. Like being able to watch without ads, access exclusive high-definition content, and play the latest anime series.

2. iQiyi

Another application that can save quota for watching Indonesian translated anime is the iQiyi application. The iQiyi application is already available for Android and iOS or iPhone users, and of course it can be downloaded for free.

Interestingly, the animation streaming service on iQiyi already provides several subtitle languages, including Indonesia. Start with Chinese, English, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, and a variety of other languages.

To watch quota-saving animations on iQiyi, you only need to change the resolution to 360P or 240P. Of course here you can watch anime genre comedy, romance, action, adventure, harem, shounen, and many more.

3. Aniplus Asia

Another anime streaming service that you can access on your Android smartphone is Aniplus Asia. The free anime watching application is also one of the official places to watch the final season of Attack on Titan.

Moreover, Aniplus Asia also supports Indonesian subtitles. Not only AOT, at Aniplus Asia you can also watch the One Piece series, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Revengers, and many more.

In fact, the Aniplus Asia app is a TV channel from Singapore that shows you a wide selection of animations for free. To enjoy these anime TV channels, you don’t need to install any more apps.

4. Netflix

The official Netflix streaming service has been available in Indonesia in recent times. So it’s not surprising that Wibu, Otaku, Nijicon, and Hikikomori have flocked to this streaming service from Los Gatos, California.

How not, this digital streaming service founded by Reed Hasting and Marc Randolph in 1997 does not only provide action films, Korean dramas, etc. But also a variety of cool anime collections from Japan.

Netflix is ​​also officially streaming the animation for the final season of “Attack on Titan,” which airs every Thursday. Even the Netflix application also presents the Live Action series from One Piece which is very popular in the world.

5. Anime Indonesia

The next application is Indonesian Anime which can be used to watch Indo sub anime series. This Indonesian anime application is highly recommended for anime fans, especially those in Indonesia.

As the name suggests, the TV content or shows provided by this application are about popular anime movies around the world. Such as Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto, Boku no Hero Academica, Haikyuu, and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

You can download this animation streaming application for free through the Google Play Store or the App Store. In addition, animated films shown on Anime Indonesia must also be equipped with Indonesian subtitles.

6. Cinema Box

The app to watch Indonesian sub-anime movies on your smartphone is Cinema Box that you shouldn’t miss. Just like Indian movie watching apps, Cinema Box can be downloaded for free.

The streaming and downloading functions will crush anime movie fans. So, you can not only stream watching anime on the Cinema Box application, but you can download and play it offline.

In addition, the Cinema Box application also provides various box office movies, popular TV series, and Youtube music videos. Of course, all the shows in this application can be enjoyed for free with Indo subtitles.

7. Anime TV

Are you one of the anime movie lovers? If yes, then you should download the Anime TV app. Not only can you stream, on Anime TV you can download and play anime offline just like a movie download application.

The Anime TV application can be used to watch Indonesian subtitled anime movies on your smartphone. Of course this application will also increase your hobby of watching movies because it presents high quality anime.

Anime TV is an application that is really recommended, no wonder the rating on the Play Store for this application is very high. And of course, you can’t miss it.

The final word

Regarding the discussion of the best anime watching applications, maybe that’s enough as explained at the beginning. You can download the apps above and then use them to watch anime on your Android phone.

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