Adhan Application – Adhan Application. As a Muslim who is technology literate, it is highly recommended to use a smartphone to support daily worship activities.

One of them is by installing applications related to worship activities. There are many applications in question, such as prayer reminder applications and adhan applications for example.

By using this application, you will never forget prayer times. No matter how busy you are at work, this application will sound the call to prayer so you can immediately perform worship.

In the Play Store there are many choices of applications that can be used, some are light with minimalistic features and some are heavy with full features. You are free to choose what you need and like.

List of Best Adhan Apps on Android

Like stock investment apps, Android devices offer a wide selection of apps to remind the call to prayer for free on the Play Store. Here are some of the best application recommendations.

1. Athanotify

For those who are looking for more than just a prayer app for android calls, then Athanotify might be the right choice. The reason is, this application provides a variety of widgets and themes that can be used.

In addition to the main function of the Hijri calendar form, there are many choices of prayer schedules, Qibla directions and prayer alerts that can be downloaded in the Athanotify application. Users can choose the theme that best suits their taste.

In addition, there is also a widget on the home screen to make it easier to see prayer schedules. The prayer call alert option is useful, so you won’t get bored, so the Athanotify app could be a very good choice for you.

2. Waktu Adzan & Kiblat

Good news for Muslims, the developer of GITS Indonesia has released the Azan & Qibla Time application which is very focused on displaying prayer schedules. The Azan & Qibla Time application is also equipped with Qibla direction and prayer sounds.

This powerful feature is only packed in a 2.2 MB application. The concept of Azan & Qibla Time is a simple application that can help users find out prayer times and listen to the call to prayer through their smartphones.

The user interface in Azan & Qibla Times is as simple as possible for the convenience of casual users. It is quite possible to install it for all phone specifications, because it is a lightweight android call prayer application.

3. iMuslim Quran Azan Prayer Time

The next options and recommendations of this offline android automatic call to prayer application are proposed by the CY Security developer. The application in question is called the iMuslim Azan Quran Prayer Times.

Downloading the iMuslim Quran Azan Prayer Time application to your cellphone is guaranteed not to make you regret it, because its Muslim functions are very complete. These features include Qibla direction, prayer times and prayer alerts.

There are also Quran radio station features like online radio apps. Apart from that iMuslim Quran Azan Prayer Time has information about nearby halal restaurants and mosques, 99 Asmaul Husna, Islamic calendar, Islamic wallpapers and many more.

4. Waktu Salat, Imsakiyah, Qibla

The next application for those of you who are looking for an automatic Adhan application with simple functionality and appearance. Prayer Times Apk, Imsakiyah, Qibla are applications made by local developers that provide prayer schedules.

Of course Prayer Times, Imsakiyah, Qibla are equipped with Adhan warnings when the time comes. This Prayer Times, Imsakiyah, Qibla application can set prayer schedules automatically based on your location so you can still pray on time.

In addition, the Qibla Compass in Prayer Times, Imsakiyah, Qibla is a very useful additional feature. Because that feature can help you pray in the right direction even if you are in a foreign country.

5. Muslim Pro

The Muslim Pro application can also be a call to prayer application that provides more complete functions. So it is natural that the application has been used by millions of Muslim users from all over the world, including Indonesia.

The features provided include prayer times, adhan time markers, Qibla compass, and imsakiyah schedule. There are also digital Korans such as Al-Quran applications with Latin writing, recitation, translation, and audio reading.

Not only that, in this Muslim Pro application you can also use the digital tasbih function to count the number of dhikrs performed. Obviously Muslim Pro is the best app on this list because it can be used offline.

The final word

The explanation of the best adhan application on Android smartphones seems to be enough here. Please use the applications that we have recommended above to be used as a call to prayer reminder.

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